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My son really enjoys reading his completed homework assignments to his mother and me. The other day, he sat down and began reading  a creative writing assignment to us…one that he received a particularly high grade in. As I listened to him read, and watched the emotion of his story work across his face, it occurred to me just how much like me he is becoming. I was experiencing a very proud daddy moment.

More and more, my son is beginning to:

Walk like me…

Talk like me…

Act like me…

Then it hit me…God looks at us the very same way.

Simply Put

As parents, we rejoice when our children begin displaying those character traits that we work hard to instill in them. We rejoice when they take the best part of us and implement it into their own lives.

God created us in His image. His desire is for us to become like Him.  Whenever we sit before Him and share our day, our lives, our heart…whenever we love others, regardless of who or what they are…whenever we sound, look and act more like Him…well, I believe that God has a proud Daddy moment too.

God is our heavenly Father and each time we draw closer to Him…He smiles.

Just something to chew on this upcoming week.

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Your Vision is Blurry…


In my short time serving in ministry, I have learned that it is essential that there is vision

Vision is what inspires people to join and partner.

Vision excites people to go and do.

Vision has the ability to unite people in ways that mere responsibility never can.

So, why then, is vision so hard for most people to grasp? More importantly, how do we cast vision so that people not only grasp it, but champion it? 

In order to have vision that others can rally around, it must be 3 things:

Clear, Concise, and Communicated.

Clear Vision:  The only thing worse than reading pages and pages of a vision statement that, in the end, leaves you wondering what the vision is; is hearing someone trying to explain an unclear vision. The more clear and understandable your vision is, the easier it is for others to get excited about it.

Concise Vision:  Length is great when writing a novel. Length is not so good when sharing vision.  Ever hear the saying about if you can’t write your vision on a napkin, then it’s too long?  That’s a great rule of thumb.  In vision casting, brevity is your friend.

Communicated Vision:  Share your vision. Share it once. Share it twice. Share it again. Share your vision until you get tired of sharing it…then share it again.  The truth is that just around that time we think that people are sick of hearing about the vision is the time when it’s just starting to sink in!

Simply Put…

Proverbs 29:18 speaks to how important it is that there be vision.

However, if vision is unclear, too long, or communicated poorly, then there is a great risk of  not only losing the vision itself, but of losing the very ones for which the vision is given.

Press In…

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