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Your Vision is Blurry…


In my short time serving in ministry, I have learned that it is essential that there is vision

Vision is what inspires people to join and partner.

Vision excites people to go and do.

Vision has the ability to unite people in ways that mere responsibility never can.

So, why then, is vision so hard for most people to grasp? More importantly, how do we cast vision so that people not only grasp it, but champion it? 

In order to have vision that others can rally around, it must be 3 things:

Clear, Concise, and Communicated.

Clear Vision:  The only thing worse than reading pages and pages of a vision statement that, in the end, leaves you wondering what the vision is; is hearing someone trying to explain an unclear vision. The more clear and understandable your vision is, the easier it is for others to get excited about it.

Concise Vision:  Length is great when writing a novel. Length is not so good when sharing vision.  Ever hear the saying about if you can’t write your vision on a napkin, then it’s too long?  That’s a great rule of thumb.  In vision casting, brevity is your friend.

Communicated Vision:  Share your vision. Share it once. Share it twice. Share it again. Share your vision until you get tired of sharing it…then share it again.  The truth is that just around that time we think that people are sick of hearing about the vision is the time when it’s just starting to sink in!

Simply Put…

Proverbs 29:18 speaks to how important it is that there be vision.

However, if vision is unclear, too long, or communicated poorly, then there is a great risk of  not only losing the vision itself, but of losing the very ones for which the vision is given.

Press In…

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Outreach or Overreaching?



We know that we, the church, are supposed to do it, but what is it really good for?

Asking around, I was surprised to find that many people in the local church mistakenly believe that the main purpose for community outreach is to ultimately bring more people to the church building on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, having a vibrant community outreach program alone isn’t going to increase your church’s Sunday attendance. Nor should you expect it to. But, here’s a few things that a community outreach program may do…

Increase recognition:  When you do things, people notice. When you do things that help other people, everyone notices. You and your church will always be remembered for what you do.

Increase Support: It’s funny, but when we help others, people want to help us help others.  Financially, materially, spiritually…it’s amazing how others want to pitch in when they see a program that is genuinely helping the community.

Increase Influence: When people see that you care, they want to know your opinion. They want you involved with what they are doing. Influence increases our borders…it can help us get into places that otherwise would be closed off to us and to reach people that we may never have had the chance to otherwise.

Increase Cooperation:  Something wonderful happens when there is one successful local church community outreach…the ability to partner with other local churches increases.  It’s not  that your church has the market on how to do outreach that makes other churches want to team up with you, but that your church is DOING outreach. Other churches in your town/city that have outreach programs would love to share the weight of helping the people in the community. After all…there is strength in numbers.  More churches involved = More people reached.  That’s great math right there.

Simply Put…

The ultimate goal of any church community outreach program should be to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way so that, over time, the story of Jesus can be communicated. We will never be able to communicate the Truth unless we show the Love.  A successful community outreach program goes a long way to not only helping meet needs of people, but it makes the local church craveable to others, thus putting the local church back to where I believe it was intended to be…at the center of the community.  That leads to Kingdom growth…and Kingdom growth trumps Sunday morning attendance any day…doesn’t it?

Now go out there and do something!

Press In…

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