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Your Vision is Blurry…


In my short time serving in ministry, I have learned that it is essential that there is vision

Vision is what inspires people to join and partner.

Vision excites people to go and do.

Vision has the ability to unite people in ways that mere responsibility never can.

So, why then, is vision so hard for most people to grasp? More importantly, how do we cast vision so that people not only grasp it, but champion it? 

In order to have vision that others can rally around, it must be 3 things:

Clear, Concise, and Communicated.

Clear Vision:  The only thing worse than reading pages and pages of a vision statement that, in the end, leaves you wondering what the vision is; is hearing someone trying to explain an unclear vision. The more clear and understandable your vision is, the easier it is for others to get excited about it.

Concise Vision:  Length is great when writing a novel. Length is not so good when sharing vision.  Ever hear the saying about if you can’t write your vision on a napkin, then it’s too long?  That’s a great rule of thumb.  In vision casting, brevity is your friend.

Communicated Vision:  Share your vision. Share it once. Share it twice. Share it again. Share your vision until you get tired of sharing it…then share it again.  The truth is that just around that time we think that people are sick of hearing about the vision is the time when it’s just starting to sink in!

Simply Put…

Proverbs 29:18 speaks to how important it is that there be vision.

However, if vision is unclear, too long, or communicated poorly, then there is a great risk of  not only losing the vision itself, but of losing the very ones for which the vision is given.

Press In…

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Ouch! That hurts!

ImageIf you have served in ministry part time, full time, or as a volunteer; you have at some point offended someone. It may have been intentional, most likely it was not.  However, because we are people with feelings, causing offense to others is bound to happen.

But, what can you do about it? How do we address offending someone and moving on in a way that feelings are mended and all is forgiven? Here are a few suggestions…

Own Up  Admit that you screwed up. This is difficult for most of us…we just don’t like to fess up to messin’ up! However, it’s all about perception. You may think you have done nothing wrong, but the other person is hurt. Don’t adopt the “How would I feel?” attitude, because it’s not you that’s been offended, it’s the other person! Take a minute and think about the situation that took place before the offense occurred.  Think about the conversation.  If you stop and think before reacting defensively, chances are you will see the other person’s point of view and how they may have been offended.

Face Up  Today we have far more opportunities to offend others than ever before! (Facebook, Twitter, text…) Regardless how the offense happened, at the first chance, if at all possible, get with the offended face to face and apologize.  Yes, you can call, send an email or a text, but there is nothing like saying, “I’m sorry” face to face to soothe fractured feelings.

Hurry Up  Do not let a lot of time go by once you’ve realized that you’ve offended somebody.  Doing so only allows the offense to fester and grow into something else. A timely apology can mean the difference between humble acceptance and growth and bitterness and anger.

Shut Up  Chances are, when you apologize to someone that you have offended, they are going to want to talk about it. Let them. They may tell you how they felt, they may feel the need to vent some…let them. Remember, you offended them. Most likely, they will share how they felt, accept your apology and move on.

Wise Up  Try not to make the same mistake twice. This doesn’t mean that you will never offend anyone ever again. However, committing the same offense time after time may be a sign of some other underlying issue of your own. 

Simply Put…

We are called to love others and in order to do that we have to interact with others. Interactions means there is an excellent chance for offense. The bible speaks about how we’re supposed to respond upon offending or being offended (Matthew 18). When offense is taken, Own Up, Face Up, Hurry Up, Shut Up, and Wise Up…reconcile, smooth it out…and live to offend another day. (Feel free to add your sugesstions, it won’t offend me…)

Press In…



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